Black Ops – Patents & Documents

U.S. Special Forces Role in Foreign Internal Defense – Field Manual 31-20-3
(an official document specifically outlining the U.S. Special Forces authorization and methods (such as insurgency) to covertly manipulate foreign governments and societies to achieve a goal)

Integrated Sensing Display – U.S. Patent 2006/0007222 A1

Image-Sensing Display Panels with LCD Display Panel and Photosensitive Element Array – U.S. Patent 5340978

Artificial ionospheric mirror composed of a plasma layer – U.S. Patent 5041834

Dr. Bernard J. Eastlund’s Original US Patent for HARRP Weather Modification Systems – U.S. Patent 4686605

Dr. Bernard J. Eastlund’s lecture on weather modification – Penn State Lehigh Campus (2005)

Defense Science Board (a Federal Advisory Committee of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense) – Task Force on Directed Energy Weapons

Acoustic Remote Caviation as a Destruction Device – U.S. Navy Patent for Underwater Resonator Sonic Weapon – U.S. Patent 7206257 B1

Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves – U.S. Patent 3951134

Method and Device for Implementing the Radio Frequency Hearing Effect / U.S. Department of the Air Force Patent for Synthetic Telepathy – U.S. Patent 6470214 B1