Dolphins: Spy in the Pod

Dolphins – Spy in the Pod

An amazing documentary on the everyday life of Dolphins as viewed from “inside the pod” these filmmakers created “hollywood-like” fake versions of sea turtles, fish, dolphins, etc. with cameras hidden inside of them and then swam those cameras together with the pods of Dolphins to reveal the inner world of Dolphins away from them thinking that they were being observed by humans. First broadcast in 2014 this documentary among many other amazing revelations, also reveals how Dolphins have learned to “get high” by passing around puffer fish and gently squeezing them in order to release “just enough” toxin for them to get high and not enough to be deadly or injure them. In effect Dolphins have learned to “get high” using the psychoactive substances stored in the puffer fishes toxin.

Approximately 900 hours of filming took place over the course of one year. Remote-control underwater “spy cameras” disguised as sea creatures – including dolphins, ray, sea turtle, tuna, squid, nautilus and puffer fish – allowed the film-makers to get close-up footage of natural dolphin behaviour. Bottlenose dolphins, spinner dolphins, humpback dolphins and killer whales were filmed for the series. The documentary is notable for revealing how dolphins “deliberately get high on puffer fish toxins”.

Part 1

Part 2