Microsoft & Northrop Grumman release their versions of the Holodeck

Star Trek The Next Generation - Holodeck

These days everyone from Microsoft with Illumiroom, to Northrop Grumman with VIPE has their own versions of a Holodeck in development for civilian use and military simulation training respectively.

The Holodeck, it’s the ultimate goal for all of us geeks and Multimedia nerds who always marveled at what became possible in an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation. However if we examine what the Holodeck from Star Trek was, it was not only an interactive hologram, but it could also produce things which were edible, as well as touchable and physically interactive. In order to accomplish that our readily available technology would have to evolve beyond what is currently being used. Things such as 3D printers to create formed matter from particle elements are a start, however they would have to be made smaller and faster to a miniscule level. Another technology needed would be force field generation that can give you physical sensation and we would need ways to project the force fields in the same area of space as the hologram being projected. Of course no computer processing capability currently is harnessed or exists in order to accomplish these kinds of computational tasks to make that kind of technology run. However with the harnessing and introduction of quantum computing and by using crystals for computer processing these kinds of things will become entirely possible.