Revision Military’s Next-Gen USGI Helmet Modular Protection Attachment System – Batlskin

Revision’s Modular Protection Attachment System or “Batlskin” is a three part system that adds considerable protection to the face without compromising standard military accessory integration or adding huge amounts of weight.

The first element of the system is the halo. It attaches to a standard ACH and adds a milspec, low profile NVG mount, Ops-Core side rails and a rear mounted anchor point for the mandible shroud. The halo weighs about 75g, that’s 15 grams more than a current NVG mount.

The second part is the dual hinged eye shield that drops down and protects the eyes and upper face. The dual hinge keeps the visor from sticking straight out when not in use. It also locks in two positions, one that allows air to escape through the top and a second, tightly sealed position.

The third and final part of the system is one of three mandible guards. Revision offers a titanium wire mask for crowd control situations, and two ballistic versions with more and less cheek coverage that let the user choose between protection or weight. The ballistic mandible guard is rated the same or better than the ballistic rating for the ACH.

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