How the Rothschilds Created Modern Day Israel

When analyzing a long term complicated problem, usually it is best to go back to the source of that problem to see things as they are and understand how they have come to be instead of being consumed by emotions and opinions it is better to look at facts. In the case of the territories in the middle east concerning modern day Israel and Palestine, the dispute over the land in this part of the world also called the Levant has been going on for as long as human history has been recorded in the world. Regardless of scholarly discussion about the origins of the Hebrews or Israelites what was definitely recorded was their defeats in battle and warfare, and they have been defeated and removed from this land many many times throughout history as well as having been ordered to leave this land by their own God for not obeying his commands. Just to be brief first the Hebrews or Jews were conquered and enslaved by the Babylonians and many were forced to leave the land, next this land was conquered by the Persians who were essentially the same people that came out of Sumeria. Next came the Greeks who conquered this land and then the Greeks and Hellenistic period was eventually conquered by the Romans. The Romans put down multiple revolts by the Jews who tried to resist Roman rule and after the third time the Jews attempted to revolt in the Third Roman-Jewish war the Roman Emperor at the time Hadrian basically decimated the Jews killing and enslaving many of them as well as removing the name Judea from the land to remove all traces of the Jews from this land and renaming the Roman province to Syria Palestine. So for anyone wondering that is where the name Palestine comes from it was a name given by the conquering Roman Emperor Hadrian who wanted to wipe the Jews out of this land because of their constant revolts against the Roman Empire which the Romans put down every time and in order to stop the revolts the Romans decided to wipe them off of this land and forbid Jews to settle there from then on and take away any namesake that related them to that land which was conquered by the Romans many generations ago.

From the time of Hadrian and the third Roman-Jewish war and the Roman removing of the Jews from Syria Palestine, Jews had no place in the area of the Levant and there was no Jewish presence or state there. After the fall of the Roman Empire there was the Holy Roman Empire that was Christianized with the Pope who ordered the Crusades into the Holy Land at the same time that the Turkish Ottoman Muslim Empire took control of this area called the Levant. After centuries of fighting holy war of European Christian Crusaders vs Muslim Ottoman Turks, including the Ottoman Turks attempting to attack and take land in Europe as deep as Vienna in Austria it was then that the Ottoman Empire started to meet their end. When they attempted to attack Christendom on European lands they were thoroughly crushed by the European Kings and their armies of Christian Knights of various countries. This was the period between the Middle Ages and modern day roughly 1500-1900 it took around 400 years for the armies of Europe to completely defeat the Ottoman Empire and make them so weak that they could not hold any land. Around that time is when World War I broke out and the Ottoman Empire being weak and not much of a power at the time they were easily defeated and wiped aside by the British, French, and Italian armies when the war was over the newly founded League of Nations gave the area called the Levant that the Ottoman Empire had held since the Romans last held it to the control of the British Empire since they had concentrated military forces in that area of the middle east.

Finally, we can see how the modern day Israel was created through the support of the British Empire and how it came to be that the British Empire gained control of the area known as the Levant.

The Rothschilds have done many things throughout history to shape and change the course of world events, world politics, culture, and finance (i.e. stock manipulation at Waterloo, funding Bolshevik Revolution, funding Nazis, creating Zionism & Israel etc). But one thing that is definitely true is being that the Rothschild family takes their demonic spiritual inspiration directly from Lucifer the Rothschilds are extremely smart, and they never take any direct credit for any of these world changing events or put themselves in the spotlight as the ones who have funded or orchestrated these events from the shadows. This is because they know that in putting themselves in the spotlight and taking credit for such events they would essentially be putting a giant target on themselves for everyone to see. So what they have always done throughout history in these world changing events is to have agents other than themselves either friends, relatives, or acquaintances of their family, or in many cases they use bastard children from their bloodline that do not carry the name Rothschild, but they do carry the Rothschild bloodline to be manipulated to achieve their end goals (Some have pointed out using historical records that Abraham Lincoln was a bastard child of the Rothschild bloodline through the Springs family and was manipulated by the Rothschilds). They also spread out these events over extended time periods and sometimes need to use multiple agents in order to finally achieve a goal as it was with the creation of Zionism & Israel. In the case of where the idea of Zionism came from and then implementation of the Zionist goals in the creation of Israel and a homeland for the Jews they followed the exact same formula. The propaganda that the Rothschilds created to cover up their own involvement included this man Theodor Herzl who was a poor peasant European Jew from Hungary who said that he saw Jews in Europe being treated differently by the native European peoples of all countries and segregated against because of their different religion, customs, and values from the Christian European peoples before WWI, WWII, or any kind of Nazis even existed. Being the first of the Rothschild agents used to create Zionism the Rothschilds sponsored the poor Herzl and got him to write a book expressing these Zionist ideals it was called Der Judenstaat “The Jewish State” but was originally called “Address to the Rothschilds”. The whitewashing of history occurs here because even though the propaganda would have people believe that this Rothschild funded agent a poor Jew named Herzl was the one who came up with the idea of Zionism. It was Edmond James de Rothschild who was the first person to ever fund a Jewish settlement in Palestine after the fall of the Ottoman Empire financing the first Jewish settlement site in Palestine at Rishon LeZion long before WWII. Being that the Rothschilds could not control their agent this Jewish man named Theodor Herzl because he was too fanatic about being a Jew and wanted to completely claim the area of Palestine and the Levant for the Jews and remove the Arabs from there completely. The Rothschilds knew that this would not work to have this kind of rhetoric being said by Herzl when there was no offical state that had given authority for the Jews to have any kind of homeland at that time and so the Rothschilds stopped using him as an agent because they could not control him and that made him unpredictable for them so after they defunded him he became largely an unknown in history after that, but they use Herzl as a scapegoat to point back to and say that Herzl was the one who created Zionism when the Rothschilds funded everything including the first Jewish settlements in Palestine, Herzl, and his book that created the idea of Zionism in the first place. So now that the idea of Zionism was established and Edmond James de Rothschild had already started funding settlements in what was then Palestine the Rothschilds needed something to be done by an official state Government to make the Jewish homeland “official” and so they needed another agent to get this work done for them. Their next agent in order to achieve this was a Russian Jew named Chaim Weizmann who the Rothschilds used as their go between for them and the British Government officials such as Balfour to achieve the Balfour Declaration which was essentially the British Government declaring that a portion of their mandate of British Palestine would be used to create a homeland for the Jews. Of course the British Government officials would sign off on this because they were all owned by the Rothschilds and it doesn’t look like the Rothschilds were the ones pushing for this giving them plausible deniability if they ever neded it because they used their agent Chaim Weizmann whom they again sponsored and funded to achieve thier goals. In the video below Jacob Rothschild explains all of this quite clearly in an interview and speech, and he even somewhat takes the credit as the head of the Rothschild family for being the ones who funded, influenced the British government, and created Israel. This is out of character for a Rothschild to take credit as he is doing here but maybe in his old age he cannot resist the temptation of the spotlight and the Lucifer induced pride that is in his spirit, so he had to come out and take the credit.

I won’t get into the entire mythos and history of the Rothschild family or even their motives behind the creation of modern day Israel as a homeland for the Jews because it isn’t the immediate point but the gist of it is that they want another destruction and rebuilding of the Temple mount in order to bring about Armageddon and having a good amount of control over this area permits them to do this.

So after WWI the Rothschild family at that time were thoroughly entrenched in European high society by becoming lenders to Marquees, Dukes, and Kings across Europe and getting those noblemen to sign away land, properties, and titles, etc to them in exchange for their money lending. They had risen so high at that point that they were even personal bankers for the English Royal family. This allowed them to have immense influence over the British Royal family as they still do to this day and allowed Lord Rothschild to endorse and come up with the Balfour Declaration which was of course endorsed by the British royal family after Britain was given control of the Levant area as a mandate after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire and WWI.

What many people don’t know about history that has been hidden is that even after WWI and the Balfour Declaration was created establishing a homeland for the Jews in the Levant there was still not really any large population of Jews there as for centuries this area has been inhabited by Muslims from the Ottoman Empire.

A Map of Palestine Circa 1945

So the Rothschilds along with their counterparts in America the Rockefeller family funded WWII and the Nazi party. Yes many people know that old rumor that Hitler was part Jewish which is true but the more important aspect of that is that not only was Hitler part Jewish, but he was in fact part Rothschild whether he knew it in his lifetime or not because of his Grandmother who was a maid that became pregnant by a Rothschild with Hitlers father in one of the Rothschild mansions.

This explains why Hitler was given a typewriter from a Rothschild bank while detained in jail to write mein kampf and also why after he got out of jail he was sponsored and given immense funds to create and fund the Nazi party when he himself was a poor man who came from nothing.

One may ask where does this notion of Hitler being part Jewish and more so being part Rothschild come from? Well it does not simply come out of thin air but rather there were heads of state assassinated to keep this information hidden. Everyone knows that the Nazi’s were fanatical about heritage and bloodlines in order to prove “who was Aryan” so for the offical statement of history to say they were somehow ignorant of who Adolf Hitler’s real Grandfather actually was is quite laughable. The German intelligence services knew very well Hitler was part Rothschild, the British intelligence service knew very well Hitler was part Rothschild, the OSS (pre CIA) or American intelligence service knew very well Hitler was part Rothschild as did the Chancellor of Austria and the Austrian intelligence service as well as the Italian intelligence and Mussolini. But as we all see today this extremely important piece of history that Hitler was an illegitimate Rothschild Grandson has simply been hidden and not taught to anyone when teaching about WWII. Also we all know the Rothschilds have been a part of virtually all of the intelligence services OSS, CIA, MI6, etc since thier inception so it is no surprise that this has been completely covered up by the intelligence services. But to reveal how this information came into being I will revelate some things…

This man Chancellor Dollfuss of Austria was the one who originally brought this information of Hitler being part Rothschild into the light when the Chancellor Dolfuss had the Austrian records searched for information concerning Hitler’s parentage and his youth and then tried to use this information as blackmail to prevent Hitler from invading Austria.

Hitler then had him assassinated to slience him and keep this information secret then he sent honeypot spies into Austria to romance the successor Austrian Chancellor Schuschnigg and steal the information from the state house of the Chancellor of Austria to cover it up.

A Former Chief of the Gestapo a man named Hansjuergen Koehler wrote this secret dossier that only Intelligence agenices have had for decades…

“Hitler’s Grandmother was a servant maid in the Rothschild mansion in Vienna, and his Father was the illegitimate Son of a Rothschild. That is the psychological explanation of Hitler’s fanatical hatred of the Jews and his brutal treatment of the Austrian Rothschilds. At least Herr Hansjuergen Koehler says so, and he professes to have worked for several years as one of the chiefs of the Gestapo, and had direct orders to recover at any cost the fatal file that contained a record of Hitler’s life. If what he says is true that file was responsible for the cowardly murder of Chancellor Dolfuss, for the mysterious disappearance of Chancellor Schuschnigg, and for the invasion that led to the incorporation of Austria within the Third Reich. Chancellor Dolfuss had the Austrian records searched for information concerning Hitler’s parentage and his youth. A copy of every document was prepared for him, and Dolfuss wrote a minute across the file stating that it would be valuable to future historians because it explained Hitler’s burning hatred of the Jews. Dolfuss intended to use the knowledge if Hitler became troublesome to Austria, but before he could publish anything he was murdered. The file passed to Schuschnigg, who continued the work started by Dolfuss. He knew very well that this file had an immense importance for Hitler. Hadn’t it already cost the life of a Chancellor of Austria? And Schuschnigg wanted to continue his investigations in the most dangerous directions. His collection was in two parts. The first consisted of documents trying to elucidate the origin of Johanna Hitler, the Fuehrer’s Grandmother, and the facts of when and how the Hitlers came to Upper Austria. The second part contained documents referring to the mysterious suicide of Hitler’s niece, Greta Raupal. Schuschnigg had succeeded in finding out more about this tragic affair than anyone else, although even he could not discover all the motives and details. Like Dolfuss Schuschnigg kept this file as his trump card, and let it be known to Hitler that he would publish the contents as a White Book if Hitler persisted in interfering with the sovereign rights of Austria. The file was hidden in a strongroom in Schuschnigg’s house, and while Madame Schuschnigg lived no Nazi spy could get into the Chancellor’s study. She was accidentally killed in a motor accident at least it was said to be accidental and soon afterwards a beautiful Nazi spy, the Countess Vera Fugger-Czernin, was introduced to the Chancellor by the notorious von Papen. She won the heart of Schuschnigg, and in the midst of her elaborate intrigues with von Papen and Gestapo agents to steal the file she discovered that she in turn loved the lonely Chancellor. It was too late for her to draw back, but she was cunningly persuaded by von Papen that the only way to save Schuschnigg’s life was to deliver the file. This she did to von Kettler, von Papen’s secretary on the day the Chancellor went to the famous meeting with Hitler at Berchtesgaden. Historians and publicists describing the tragedy of Austria maintained that the catastrophe was caused by Schuschnigg’s acceptance of Hitler’s invitation. The Fuehrer received him, their version ran, as a real dictator, he showed him brutally the mobilisation plan of the German troops, and then presented him with his ultimatum. According to the author the truth was quite different. The fate of ancient Austria was in a woman’s hand. After many delays Schuschnigg decided to go to the fatal meeting. He went calmly and composedly, because he knew he could balance Hitler’s exaggerated demands. Schuschnigg knew that Hitler realised what a fatal weapon that dossier could be. Should the Austrian Government publish the documents in a White Book it would deal Hitler a mortal blow. Even if it did not succeed in bringing him to fall (it was hardly probable that such a book could be smuggled into Germany in large numbers) any Nazi movement abroad would be discredited in the merciless light of cold facts. Schuschnigg, of course, had no idea what was going on behind his back. He behaved in a rather superior manner, and according to the author, Heydrich, a Gestapo chief, told him that Hitler seemed to be nervous. Hours went by while Hitler waited for the arrival of the fatal file. In the afternoon Hitler broke off the conference; he refused to continue the discussion until von Kettler arrived. Shock For Schuschnigg At last news came that Kettler’s car had reached the frontier, and . . . The fate of Austria was sealed. About 11 p.m., when the accursed documents arrived at Berchtesgaden, the discussions began again. ” . . . and if you do not fulfil my conditions German troops will occupy Austria,” Hitler ended. And now tragi-comedy followed. Schuschnigg replied . . . alluded cautiously to the publication of a “White Book” which would . . . “Consist of empty papers.” Hitler interrupted him ruthlessly. He walked to a cupboard in the wall, opened it . . . and Schuschnigg paled. He recognised the file which he thought safely in his own study. A few hours later the Nazis took possession of Austria and Schuschnigg became a prisoner. And now for another sidelight on this story of treachery and crime. Von Papen’s secretary was shadowed by the Gestapo (directed from Vienna at that moment by the professed author of this sensational book). It was found that he had had the documents secretly photographed by order of von Papen, so a few days later his battered body was dragged out of the Danube. The author adds that only four living persons Schuschnigg (he may be dead), Signor Mussolini (through whom a copy was sent by Schuschnigg to Hitler), Heydrich (chief of the political branch of the Gestapo), and himself have actually seen the documents, but he has reason to believe that von Papen sent a photographed copy to London, and is allowed to live until the Gestapo finds some way of recovering it.”

Essentially the Rothschilds created WWII using propaganda and indoctrination of the youth to use the German people as a police force rounding up all the “everyday Jews” of Europe into camps that could then be transported “en masse” to the Levant of what was then Palestine to create a Jewish population mass to rival the Muslim Palestinians in the British Mandate for Palestine that over the course of WWII and then few years after WWII became majority populated with Jewish settlers from the concentration camps of Europe that the German Nazi party had rounded them all up in. The deal between the Nazi party and the Globalist banker Zionist Jews aka Rothschilds and Rockefellers was called THE HAVARRA AGREEMENT. The Jews from the concentration camps were put on Nazi SS ships and sent from European concentration camps directly to Palestine. Since the Rothschilds control virtually all media and curriculum they are using the same kinds of indoctrination methods today on the youth of America to achieve their goals as they did on the youth of Germany before WWII, they do this to manipulate others to achieve their goals for them, destroy competition, and hide or rewrite history to suit their goals.

Jacob Rothschild & David Rockefeller at Waddeson Manor

Some of the most hard evidence collected showing that the Rothschild / Rockefeller Zionist cabal indeed was profiting off of WWII and funding both sides was collected by U.S. Army Intelligence and shown in the letter below from 1941 which states that the Rockefeller owned company Standard Oil had ships running under different names but they were supplying the oil and was covertly selling oil to the Nazi Party during war time. Furthermore U.S. Army Intelligence observed that all of the other oil companies and ships transporting goods in the area were attacked by Nazi submarines except for all of the ships that were transporting oil originating from the Rockefeller owned Standard Oil showing that they were selling oil to both sides during the war and making money off of both sides.

U.S. Army Intelligence Report Showing Rockefeller owned company Standard Oil was covertly selling oil to the Nazi Party during war time.

Between the last few months in which I’ve written this article and now, Jacob Rothschild who was the head of the Rothschild family featured in this article has passed away. Maybe this has confirmed my initial thoughts in his admissions of his family doing certain things in the world which is indicative of a man knowing he is coming to an end of his life if he has mostly held those things close to his chest his entire life.

For all of the people wondering does this mean the end of the Rothschilds?

Nathaniel Rothschild

Nope. Nathaniel Rothschild who is the only son of the recently passed Jacob could inherit his title as the 5th Baron Rothschild and although the Rothschilds keep all of their money “off the books” or “off the grid” in places like gold vaults and Swiss trust funds he “officially” inherits less than a billion to make it seem like people like Elon Musk and Bill Gates have more money in order to take the target off of him. Alternatively maybe the title of head of the Rothschild family will be given to his sister Hannah in order to further distance Nathanial from the spotlight and to keep him hidden in the shadows. It is already quite clear that he has been orchestrating backroom shadow deals with high level politicians, gangsters, and whomever he needs to just like his ancestors have done in order to rig events and wars worldwide and to further the objectives of his occult family.

Nathaniel Rothschild also formerly dated Ivanka Trump before she got engaged to Jared Kushner. Donald Trump was trying to marry his Daughter into the Rothschild family who saved his ass and his Empire in the late 80’s early 90’s when he had to sell off everything including his Trump Princess Yacht but I guess they didn’t think Trump had enough money for them so Donald married her into another “less rich” prominent Jewish family.

Nat Rothschild has been found doing improper conduct they called libel because he was taking British Lords over to Russia to party with Russian oligarchs. I’m sure they pulled off some sweet backroom deals that are affecting the world as it is today. After all and as in all of the past generations of the Rothschilds they fund both sides of wars so it’s only natural that they would be the ones in the shadows that make connections between major players in both the Russian and British or western governments before having both sides go to war.

I also find it particularly interesting that Nat Rothschild lives in Klosters, Switzerland (check out the coat of arms it’s basically a Devil) which is located 5 miles away from Davos. Many people and scholars believe that what in Christianity is referred to as the antichrist will be seated in Switzerland. So I find this interesting that the next generation head of the Rothschild family has made his main residence there. Also the Klosters ski resort has been the winter destination for the British Royal Family, notably Prince Charles, for over three decades.

One may ask what is the connection between the Rothschilds, the South American criminal drug cartels, Russia, and Israel? The connection between all of them is money laundering mostly for cocaine but for other things as well. As is the entire point of this article the Rothschilds created Israel and basically anything that they decree or want done in or through Israel will be done by Israel. The Cali cartels wanted to expand their cocaine operations into Europe in the late 80s to early 90s so they used the Russian and Italian mafia to do so. Once the Russian mafia became a part of the operations they needed a place to start to launder the money that was being made in profits from the drug sales of cocaine and heroin. So they did this through Israel. And this would only be allowed by the blessing and facilitation of the Rothschild family who no doubt had a hand in setting the entire operation up.

According to Felipe Turover Chudínov, who was a senior intelligence officer with the foreign-intelligence directorate of the KGB, Russian prime minister Viktor Chernomyrdin secretly decreed in the early 1990s that Russia would become an international hub through which narcotics are trafficked including cocaine and heroin from South America and heroin from Central Asia and Southeast Asia.

Using Israel as its base, Russian mafia moved heroin and Colombian cocaine, sometimes through Venezuela, through Israel, where money laundering would occur of the narcotics profits, to Saint Petersburg while the Russian Kurgan mafia provided security.

So there is the connection between the Rothschilds, Israel (which the Rothschilds own basically), the Cali drug cartels of South America, the Russian FSB, mafia, and Government (including Putin) because in Russia the FSB, Mafia, and Government are all exactly the same thing. Going forward a few decades from the early 90s we know that Nat Rothschild has already been introducing power players of Western Governments such as British Lords with Russian oligarchs years before any war broke out with Russia or Putin advanced on Ukraine. So now we can see how the current events of today are all connected on the backend and a family such as the Rothschilds that has been hell bent on destroying the freedoms and sovereignty of the United States ever since it was created is the glue that connects all of these current worldwide events of today together. The current Rothschild attack on the United States of America after using Donald Trump to orchestrate the Covid pandemic thereby authorizing him to give more money to the Federal Reserve than ever before in history (6 trillion dollars) now consists of using the Federal Reserve system which they created in 1913 to continue to print endless American money making it worthless.

But also in working with the South American drug cartels (who have been their partners for decades because the Rothschilds helped them to branch into Europe and establish international money laundering operations being the international bankers that they are) to increase the flow of illegal immigrants over the southern border of the United States while they continue to pay off politicians and NGOs in order to keep it happening which will also help to weaken the United States. Then they also have Russia (who are also the partners of the Rothschilds because they launder mafia and drug money for them through Israel) who have started war with countries that are somewhat proxies of the West and then the Rothschilds use their total control over western media to call for tax money in all of the nations of the world to be used to fight against Russia. So there you see they fund both sides. This will only help to weaken the United States of America as well by constantly giving the munitions and money of the United States over to a country like Ukraine. Thereby helping to achieve the ultimate goal of the Rothschilds which is to bring the United States into a One World Government where all laws will come from one central source not the American Constitution or Bill or Rights. They are also attacking the strength of America now from the war in Israel as well making another reason for the United States to shell out more of our tax money putting our people into further generations of debt in order to bring about the Rothschilds family goal of bringing about a One World Government where the United States would be nothing special and have no rights or liberties other than what the One World Government tells them that they can have. But you see the Rothschilds don’t want anyone to think like this because this is how gangsters think they don’t care about political parties. The Rothschilds want everyone to think about politics while they control all of the politicians they want you to care about. On both sides.