Video Games now gross $82 Billion more than Hollywood movies

Videogames crush Hollywood

With the considerable jumps in improvement in the areas of realism by improved graphics and interactivity by integrating peripherals into the gaming systems such as motion sensing cameras and controllers in recent years, the video game industry is steadily pulling away from all other forms of digital media in terms of gross profits. The past couple of years have marked a time for the video game industry in which the single video game industry has surpassed the total gross profits from cinema, recorded music and DVD sales combined.

With a total year gross profit expected of $10 billion dollars for the Hollywood movie industry, they can no longer compete in terms of making profit with video games as the video game industry is expected to gross $100 billion dollars this year. Making the total gross profit of the video game industry 10 times more profitable than the Hollywood movie industry. A major shifting of the cards in the multimedia industry that has been a long time coming. However, going forward I would suggest to the reader of this article that TV and movies will eventually catch up when every person has an “interactive television” in their homes. This will happen but it will be up to the private industries as to when it will happen depending on how efficiently they can make and provide the technology to make it feasible not just for corporate CEO’s but for every person in their homes. We could then have interactive TV shows, news, movies, etc, and then Movies and TV will have that “interactive” factor which will level the playing fields. But the TV and movie industry currently has no interactive infrastructure in place and will therefore suffer in the meantime as we see from sales how people respond to the ability to be interactive and have a say in the way their multimedia entertainment or learning plays out.

An example of interactivity in the future for a movie made like a video game could have multiple different scenarios that play out in multiple different ways just like they are currently programmed into some video games where two different players can play the same video game with completely different outcomes. In the future we could have an audience in the movie theater that could provide interactive feedback in one way or another (possibly even by reading brainwaves in the theater as there is brainwave reading toys that you can fly toy helicopters with and play PC video games, or read your own brainwaves EEG style with the NeuroSky headset that are currently available rather cheaply) and then based on that input decide which segments of the pre-recorded movie to play in real time as its programming would instruct in the exact same way video games are programmed today. It would also translate to the DVD / home release but you would have full control of where the story goes as opposed to a vote in the theater. In this way two different people could watch the same movie or go to see the same movie on different nights and get different endings and outcomes of the story. Exactly the same way video games are programmed today.